JIIA Peer Review
Tuesday, 29 March 2005

The JIIA draws on the support of a prestigious Scientific Council (SC) which provides opinions, suggestions, proposals and specific scientific indications.
The Scientific Council, made up of scholars from different disciplines grouped by specialist research area, also has the fundamental task of taking the 'first peer review step', i.e. assessing the admissibility of the scientific work for publication in the JIIA and deposit in the MyOPIA Repository; the 'second peer review step' is then assigned to a ‘peer’ of known repute who is asked to express his/her critical judgment on the deposited work.
In this digital context it has been decided that the peer review will initially be restricted to Council members and only sometimes passed on to the ‘peers’, thus strictly respecting the anonymity of the pre-print author, at least in this initial stage. The value-added peer review results, however, will be posted and accessible to registered readers.

The idea is to create a 'collaborative archaeological network' in which the remarks, criticisms and analyses of the scholars in the peer review are to be considered as first-hand documentation, and not as material to be lost or solely for the benefit of an elect few.

Clearly, this 'ritual/baptism', or peer review 'passport', as it has been called by Jean Claude Guédon, is a road that leads to printing and publication, with the eminent merit of the ‘eternal’ conservation of the research!

Last Updated ( Monday, 23 May 2005 )