About Repository
Tuesday, 29 March 2005

The ADR (Archaeological Disciplinary Repository) is designed as an international open access archive for Archaeology eprints.
The ADR, known also as the MyOPIA Repository, is intended as a repository for scientific documents in the form of pre-prints, if previously unpublished, as e-prints on the JIIA, if previously published, or as post-prints, if they have already appeared in printed periodicals; in the latter case, open access dissemination guarantees a kind of visibility that the corresponding printed publication is unable to match.

Analyses of this phenomenon by bodies such as the Philadelphia ISI (Institute of Scientific Information) give incredibly encouraging results.
Thorough citation analyses of OA (Open Access) and non-OA articles, actually published in non-OA journals, result in an impact factor for OA articles that becomes extremely surprising, if the analysis is conducted according to certain parameters and comparing the citational impact of articles which remain as non-OA and non-OA articles that are self-archived by their authors and thus become OA, in relation to the different disciplinary categories of the archives.

MyOPIA, MySQL Online Publications Index Administration, the basis of this disciplinary repository, allow the easy creation of OAI-compliant (i.e. interdisciplinary) resource archives, with the harvesting and exhibiting of metadata leading to a single ‘virtual’ global archive.
The primary aim of this installation is to make a high-visibility and high-impact OA repository available to archaeological scientific research, open to interchange and interaction in the context of a collaborative and global perspective of archaeology.

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